Monday, April 30, 2007

Passion & poppadoms

Sakinah received this novel from her Mak Su Zizah last month. After much cajolling, she came up with this review :-)

The novel “Passion and Poppadoms” written by Nisha Minhas is a story about Marina, an Indian girl who lives in an Oxfordshire town in England. As we know, Indian rules and traditions are a bit strict when it comes to social life. No sex before marriage, no mingling freely, no kissing in public, etc. It’s totally opposite to western life.

However, in the case of Marina, being raised in Oxfordshie, her parents have allowed her to choose her own way, forge her own career and choose her own husband. But sometimes a life without Indian rules isn’t all it’s cracked to be. The first time she met Thomas, the owner of the Regency Hotel, and her future husband, she knew he is the one who will make her life happy.

However, as always, there will be obstacles in every competition.First, there was Emily, her flat mate, who had a big crush on Thomas. Then, there was Thomas’s fiancée, Nicole, the spoilt, blonde Nicole. And then of course there was Thomas himself. He is such so rich that, while reading this book, I wondered whether this hotel owner could ever fall in love with an average Indian girl???

Nevertheless, like all love stories, this tale had a happy ending.

The story is interesting. The writer uses simple, understandable words and reader-friendly languages. This novel contains wonderfully vibrant characters.

This novel also raises important issues about two very different cultures, East-West culture clash. By inserting aspects of Indian cultures in this novel, readers we can learn something new about Indian cultures and traditions. This novel is so fun and suitable for teenagers and adults to fulfill their leisure time.

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