Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Football match: Finals SUPER MRSM KKB

(*UPDATED 3 AUGUST 2007. See note at bottom)
My son, Ahmad Syafiq is at home recuperating from a soccer game injury. Rather then lazying around and sleeping all day long, I managed to get him to write about his soccer game. This is his story:

Ahmad Syafiq, No. 21 (Ruby team captain, that's my son)

Ruby Football Team

Sapphire Soccer Association

Last Saturday was the final match for inter-homeroom football tournament at MARA Junior Science College Kuala Kubu Bharu. The match was between my homeroom team, Ruby Football Team, and Sapphire Soccer Association. Before we reached this stage, my Ruby Team had trashed Emerald Football Club, 4-0. While Sapphire Soccer Association beat Topaz Soccer Club, 3-2.

Before the kick-off, my team did some warm up to make sure we were physically ready to do some heavy job. After that, as the captain of the team, I picked out the first eleven players to play for the first half of the game. This was the first eleven starting line up which I picked:

First Eleven: Ahmad Syafiq, Nafis, Abqhari, Akhmal, Suriyong Sayrie, Rashid, Hafiz, Shahril, Hamdi, Poeh and Galuk.

Subs: General, Penyu, Shahzulrain, Along, and Amir.

We stepped onto the wet field with full of confidence to win the gold medal. So the whistle was blown by the referee and we started our game with high hopes. Suddenly, something magical happened. We led the game by the beautiful, superb long-range goal by Hafiz Idris. We celebrated the goal together.

One minute later, came another much more beautiful goal from our player. This time, Galuk the brilliant college’s striker made a curl-shot in front of the goal and the opponent’s goalkeeper could just look as the ball touched the goal net. Pity them.

A moment later, something horrible happened to me. While trying to save a ball, I was kicked in the stomach by one of the Sapphire strikers. It was a very painful experience. I was ruled out from the pitch, and after that could only watch the game from the fans seat. I was substituted by General, the college’s second choice goalkeeper (I am the first choice goalkeeper for the college).

I watched the match full of eagerness to continue play but what can I say. If you were injured, you just have to stop playing and take a rest. That’s all.

However, I am proud to report that the match ended with Ruby trashing Sapphire 5-1.


My brother Man sent an sms saying that getting injured playing football is actually "a family tradition". My father broke his collar bone playing goal keeper in Kirkby, Liverpool. Man also got injured. And now, Syafiq, the third generation. Thus, he says Syafiq "should be proud" to have kept the family tradition alive. Its almost like receiving your badge of honour, Syafiq.


Izwan Ismail said...

Cayalah Syafiq.. Maybe the next "Malaysia National Team Goalkeeper"?

syafiq said...

Insya-Allah..doakn syafiq la kalo mcm tu..tq pak iwan..=]

Hafiz mokhtar said...

Oh my god this is so old school
assalamualaikum pakcik sy hafiz mokhtar aka galuk
saje try2 usha kot de name sy dlm google
skali jmpe yg ni
mmg trbaik
anak pakcik sy kenal
kitorg pggl ustaz
hahaha xtaula kenapa tp kwn2 batch ide yg pggl
kem slm ye kat die

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Hafiz aka Galuk

Pakcik dah sampaikan salam kepada Syafiq aka Ustaz. Dia ada kat rumah sekarang, mid semester break from Uitm Sri Iskandar.