Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All the best, Syafiq

Last Saturday was an historic day for my second child, Ahmad Syafiq. It was the day that he started out on a journey to higher education, the essential beginnings towards becoming a professional.

At 18, he's a grown up young man now, Syafiq. Standing at 5ft 10 and half inch, he's far taller than I was at that age.

But to me, he will always be the ''manja'' one.

Not that my three other children are not manja, of course. It's just that Syafiq is always the one who'd go to great lengths to call attention to himself.

Since finishing his SPM, he was a constant presence at home. He made himself useful by becoming the ever-willing un-official family chauffeur, my riding buddy and being the man-about-the-house (whenever I'm outstation). So, I will miss him a lot, now that he's in college.

But don't worry about Abah, Syafiq. Instead, cast your views to the future. Pursue your dreams of becoming a successful landscape architect.

Draw useful lessons from your five year experience at your MRSM. And take it to the next level.

Remember, excellence comes with hard work. As you always like to say yourself: NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!

All the best at UiTM Sri Iskandar, my son. Diiringi do'a Abah dan Ummi.

We love you very much.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Training shoes

Pic taken using HTC PDA, blog posted direct from PDA

I'm still on the mend from a broken metacarpal.

My right hand is cast in a ''back-slap''. And I've been advised to reduce movements of the hand (especially the fingers and areas around my palm) to the minimum.

And the boredom; its driving me crazy.

So to cheer myself up, I bought myself a present! A new Nike Air Max Run.

My partners in crime were none other than my son Syafiq (the driver) and my daughter Sakinah (the chaperone).

We slipped out of the house at about 11.30 hours. But that was not after my Mem Besar had left the house first to bring the mother-in-law to her kursus haji...hehe, crafty, eh?

This is the first time I've bought a Nike. Previously, right from my student days, it had always been Adidas plus one very nice Fila. But yesterday, upon the advise of Syafiq (he can be very persistent and persuasive, Syafiq) I opted for a Nike.

That's well and good, Syafiq. But now, what excuse can I cook up and give your mum for breaking the quarantine?


Yes, how timely and convenient.

Whoever first thought of the Father's Day celebration you're a genius. Thank you. You made my day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. A day dedicated to that someone in the familly who is the pillar of strength, the bread-winner, the disciplinarian.

He is also, usually, the more serious, less emotional and less talkative one of your parents.

But let not his serious demeanour fool you one single bit.

For deep down, a father's love knows no bound. He will sacrifice his wealth to see you succeed. And he will sacrifice his own life to protect yours.

Fathers the world over, they are a special breed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My guppy bowl

The guppy is a small freshwater aquarium fish. It is very popular, especially for those who are beginners in starting an aquarium. This is because guppies are quite hardy and relatively easy to rear.

Another reason is because they breed easily for they do not lay eggs, but rather they are livebearers.

My family started our ''project guppy'' two years ago.

It didn't get to a good start. We wasted quite a few of them. But after a few months of trial and error we finally managed to rear them quite successfully.

We have two bowls of them. The above is a big earthenware bowl which is located in the patio. Another is a small (2 litre) clear glass bowl.

Guppy rearing can be a very relaxing hobby as we can while our time away watching the guppies swim happily. Every once in a while you get some pleasant surprises too when scores of little guppies are born.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The well that Tok Hussein built

The pic above shows my brothers Azmi and Azman posing by the well that our Tok Hussein built for his house in Kampong Kepayang.

That pic must have been taken more than 40 years ago - during the days when our kampong still had no pottable water supply.

Actually this particular well was the second that Tok Hussein built. The first one was about ten metres away from this. I can't recall why, but one day, that old one was filled up and covered and Tok started digging this new well with the help of neighbours.

If memory serves me, this new well was about 5 metres deep to the surface of the water. So its actual depth must have been deeper.

Initially, Tok Hussein fashioned a device to help us pull pails of water up by rope. Later, this was replaced by a simple manual pump.

Those were the hard days.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Malang tak berbau

Had a riding accident last Thursday and broke the mid-metacarpal on my right hand. With the hand now cast in plaster, my ability to type at the PC is very much impeded. But otherwise I am on the mend alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SMSPs School Reunion

Sekolah Menengah Sains Perlis hostel blocks and Industrial Arts wrokshop as we remember it back then

School Reunions are a happy occasion - especially when you've not had one ever since you left your Alma mater.

Since leaving Sekolah Menengah Sains Perlis 31 years ago (my gosh...is that how long since I left school?) I have never been to any reunion. That's because there were none. Not until a few years back.

But, if I was honest, it is also due to the fact that we seniors (I was from the second batch of students, we entered in 1974) were never really in the loop with former students who keep in touch with the school. Not that we were doing it on purpose of course. Call it ignorance if you like. Or (to make it sound better) let's just say that we were too busy - managing our companies, directing our departments, etc. etc.

To be sure, our fond memories of the school remains. As the saying goes "Tempat yang jatuh lagi dikenang...inikan pula tempat bermain". Or in this case, "tempat belajar"?

But this hiatus shall come to an end soon. Although the school's name now sounds rather weird to our ears (its name was changed soon after we left), many of us will re-connect with our old school again come 4th July 2009.

I wait for this date with bated breath. Haven't met many of my friends for more than 30 years!