Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SMSPs School Reunion

Sekolah Menengah Sains Perlis hostel blocks and Industrial Arts wrokshop as we remember it back then

School Reunions are a happy occasion - especially when you've not had one ever since you left your Alma mater.

Since leaving Sekolah Menengah Sains Perlis 31 years ago (my gosh...is that how long since I left school?) I have never been to any reunion. That's because there were none. Not until a few years back.

But, if I was honest, it is also due to the fact that we seniors (I was from the second batch of students, we entered in 1974) were never really in the loop with former students who keep in touch with the school. Not that we were doing it on purpose of course. Call it ignorance if you like. Or (to make it sound better) let's just say that we were too busy - managing our companies, directing our departments, etc. etc.

To be sure, our fond memories of the school remains. As the saying goes "Tempat yang jatuh lagi dikenang...inikan pula tempat bermain". Or in this case, "tempat belajar"?

But this hiatus shall come to an end soon. Although the school's name now sounds rather weird to our ears (its name was changed soon after we left), many of us will re-connect with our old school again come 4th July 2009.

I wait for this date with bated breath. Haven't met many of my friends for more than 30 years!


Hasanuddin said...

See you there, Insyallah.

mzauri said...

Me too, insya Allah...

future phenomenon said...


tumpang ziarah. jika ada yang berminat dengan teori konspirasi, sejarah nusantara yang hilang, sufism, kebangkitan akhir zaman..sila lah ke nusanaga.blogspot.com

harap salam ukhwah akan bertaut demi masa depan..sekian


mokk said...

Salam ..

hope you still remember me..

Nice Blog.

Regards,..Drmorni Kuching..Asputra79