Sunday, June 24, 2012

Misai kucing for our garden

I have been thinking of overhauling our tiny little garden in front of the house. After all, the garden, in its current shape and form, has been around for fifteen years. It is, mainly, a result of ad-hoc plantings. No major design theme, nor systematic planning.

So what do I have in mind for the new garden?

Hmm, I think I'd fancy an English garden this time around.

English gardens are characterised by their "organised-chaos" look. Wild flowers, shrubs and herbs  are the mainstays.

Of course, creating an English garden in hot, tropical Malaysia do present its fair share of headaches. Chief amongst these would be choosing the right plants to create the right look and ambiance of a true English garden.

After much googling, I have managed to come up with a short list (I mean, a very short one) of plants. Problem is, they are quite hard to find at your normal, local plant nurseries. 

But a visit to a recently launched Herbal Garden somewhere in Serdang introduced me to the humble Misai Kucing. I had not realized before that this interestingly named local plant produce delightful looking flowers in hues of purple. 

So, that's another one included to my short list.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Putrajaya the rowing haven

If there is one thing that sets Putrajaya apart from other cities in Malaysia - other than being a new town, is that it has the Putrajaya Lake as a main feature of its urban scape.

About 600 hectares in size, the lake is an ever present feature throughout of the city. Touted as the "jewel in the crown", it puts Putrajaya in a league of its own. A waterfront city like no other in Malaysia, the lake affords easy access to quality amenities. In fact, a part of the lake is made up of wetlands. It is a habitat for numerous flora and fauna and fast becoming a unique attraction in itself.

With such a vast water body, it is no wonder that Putrajaya is fast becoming a premier centre for water sports in the country. The planners for the city has made sure that the lake is designed to incorporate a rowing course suitable for international level competition.

When it is winter in the northern hemisphere, Putrajaya Lake attracts athletes from Europe who come to train in our warm climate while their nation are freezing.