Monday, June 22, 2009

Training shoes

Pic taken using HTC PDA, blog posted direct from PDA

I'm still on the mend from a broken metacarpal.

My right hand is cast in a ''back-slap''. And I've been advised to reduce movements of the hand (especially the fingers and areas around my palm) to the minimum.

And the boredom; its driving me crazy.

So to cheer myself up, I bought myself a present! A new Nike Air Max Run.

My partners in crime were none other than my son Syafiq (the driver) and my daughter Sakinah (the chaperone).

We slipped out of the house at about 11.30 hours. But that was not after my Mem Besar had left the house first to bring the mother-in-law to her kursus haji...hehe, crafty, eh?

This is the first time I've bought a Nike. Previously, right from my student days, it had always been Adidas plus one very nice Fila. But yesterday, upon the advise of Syafiq (he can be very persistent and persuasive, Syafiq) I opted for a Nike.

That's well and good, Syafiq. But now, what excuse can I cook up and give your mum for breaking the quarantine?


Yes, how timely and convenient.

Whoever first thought of the Father's Day celebration you're a genius. Thank you. You made my day.

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Anonymous said...

Should use Father's Day as the reason to upgrade the bike? Did not want to update you on our biking activities as it may depressed you further but Pak Adib has been our master mind lately. Take great care of your hand and hope you'll join us on the 2 wheels soon.