Sunday, April 15, 2007

What's the future of our environment?

Dr. Ahmad Mustaffa Babjee (Tan Sri Dato') is the former Director-General of the Department of Veterinary Services. The outdoors, the natural environment and conservation is his passion.

Thus, after a long and distinguished career, it is not surprising to see him dedicating his life to nature conservation.

In a recent interview to a newspaper (NST, 15 April 2007) Mustaffa was quoted as saying "We have no political leaders who are passionate about conservation. We also lack public officials who care for the environment.
Most of them equate conservation to anti-development".

That being the case, he goes on to warn that "by the time this country realised and recognised the economic and social values of conservation, there will be little left to conserve and a big bill for the future generation to foot for a livable environment".

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