Thursday, January 01, 2009

Un-Happy New Year

While people the world over rejoice at the coming of a new year, at least 300 Palestinians, including dozens of innocent civilians, have been killed and about 1,600 injured by Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

That is the cost (thus far) of the Israeli warplane and helicopter gunship attacks on Gaza.

But the figure could well increase. For Israel's military have been moving soldiers, tanks and armoured personnel carriers to Gaza's edge raising concerns that the aerial assault will be followed by a ground offensive.

Yes. The Palestinians are at the whims and fancies of the Israeli regime. The lost of Palestinian lives, it seems, means nothing whatsoever. They are as cheap – if not cheaper – than the price of a goat.

Sure, the Palestinians fire rockets into southern Israel. But then what do you expect of a people who have been driven off their homeland to create that new state of Israel, and then subjected to constant persecution and tight control all their lives?

And what is the odd one or two miserly missiles into Israel, as compared to the firepower and high-handed bullying that have been continuously ‘meted out’ to the Palestinians?

Israelis love to remind the world of the Holocaust that they suffered during the World War II. Ironically, now, it is they who are driving another people off their ancestral farmland, diverting water sources, bombarding their homes bringing death and destruction.

All, without a hint of neither guilt nor remorse. How easy they forget.

But who do we turn to? The OIC is muted. The Arab nations are still squabbling as to how to react.

The US? Well, the deafening silence of President-elect Obama says it all, doesn’t it? Looks like its business as usual on the international front for the US. “Change we can believe in”? I doubt it. I’m having second thoughts, and feeling rather gloomy on this first day of 2009.

Nevertheless, have a good day everyone.




remember the song:

Semoga kita diberi segala keberkatan dariNya.

Doa untuk yang tertindas.
Serah padaNya yang suka menindas.


Anonymous said...

Tahun ini tahun Islam dan tahun masehi jatuh berdekatan. Jadi ini menyebabkan nampak ketara benar cara kedatangan dua tahun ini disambut. Bukan kita minta tahun Islam disambut dengan sorakan juga di Dataran Merdeka tetapi biarlah kedatangan tahun Islam itu disambut dengan lebih meluas di kalangan kita. Jangan terkejut ada orang Islam yang tak notice pun tahun baru Islam baru saja kita sambut baru-baru ini.

Anonymous said...


Baru tahu tentang permergian Cikgu Termizi ke Rahmatullah..Al-fatihah dan takziah dari saya.

D Tk