Sunday, January 18, 2009

Liverpool should stay cool

I usually look forward to my Sunday morning papers. On most weekends, I would be out and about well before 7.00 am to buy breakfast, fill up the petrol tank and then pick up the customary New Sunday Times and Berita Minggu from the local store.

But today was different. I wasn't that eager to get into my car and drive out for the papers. If not for the fact that Emak wanted her roti canai for breakfast, I could have just continued dozing.

The reason? Upon completing my solat suboh, a quick check on my PDA showed that Man United had scored a last gasp of a goal (in the 90th minute) against Bolton last night. And with that, they are now top of the table in the EPL. Ahead of Liverpool by a point.

With Liverpool not playing until Tuesday morning (Malaysia time) that will be reason enough for Man U fanatics to gloat and brag.

But not to worry. What Liverpool have to do now is just stay cool and stay focused on the coming match against another arch rival Everton in the local derby this Tuesday.

Forget Fergie's mind games. Just keep plodding along nicely and this might just be our year.

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