Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rider's log No. 47

Photo "dipinjam" dari blog Pak Adib

Date: 24 January 2009 (Saturday)

Set off/finish time: ~ 8.15am - 11.00am

Total duration: 2 hour 45 minutes

Starting point: Taman Warisan Pertanian (TWP), Putrajaya

Route taken: TWP, Oval Road, Taman Wetlands, wetland, Prime Minister’s Residence, KSN’s Residence, Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, Istana Selangor, MOF, and back to TWP.

Distance covered: ~ 20 km

Trail condition: Rough trail (unpaved), promenade pavement (concrete imprint) + road

General notes:

I’ve always wanted to ride in the wetlands of Putrajaya. It is, after all, the largest constructed wetland in the tropics! It was painstakingly built by planting thousands and thousands of wetland plants brought in from many parts of Malaysia.

Secondly, the wetlands – besides playing the role of filtering river water before it enters the Putrajaya Lake waterbody – is also meant as an amenity to be enjoyed by its residence. This is in line with our planning concept of “city in the garden” and “bringing nature to the people”.

I was not disappointed. It was the best ride I’ve experienced to date since starting to ride my mtb a year ago. The feel of the rough track, the (little) dirt, the lovely scenery and the fresh air were worth the hot ride under the sun.

This was just a section of the wetland that we went. There are other parts waiting to be explored and I look forward to those too.


KotaStar said...

Really it is contagious. My nephew the 'penghulu' talked me into it and now we have two PT Bolt bikes . An 18 +16 for me and the wife. I had a good ride for the last two days especially on the good surface of road from the house to the airport.Being quiet when there is no traffic to the airport plus te cool breeze of musim timor I must say I am enjoying the experience of cycling again. Madam has tried around tyhe house compound and yet to get out on the road. Great to read about yr report. Nanti kita bertemu di Putrajaya.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Welcome to the pack! I had known about your new bikes from the good Kolonel yesterday. We look forward to showing you around Putrajaya.

I am sincerely happy for you that you are in good health and can still enjoy biking. If my father was still around, he would have been bemused to hear this from me :-) On the other hand, he would not have been surprised though...

Berisman said...

I am very happy to know that you enjoy the ride.I look forward to have more rides with you and the rest of the tribe in the future.

My congratulations and thanks to the planners of Putrajaya for incorporating bicycle lanes by the sides of the road network and the wetlands in Putrajaya.

--Pak Adib