Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rider's log No. 44 - With the Bike Gang

The PERs team in front of Selera Putra by the Putrajaya Lake (photo dicilok dari PERs blog)

Date: 10 January 2009 (Saturday)

Set off/finish time: ~ 8.30am - 11.15am

Total duration: 2 hour 45 minutes

Starting point: Taman Warisan Pertanian (TWP), Putrajaya

Route taken: TWP, Cruise Tasik Jetty, Selera Putra, Millennium Monument, Maritime Centre, Pullman Hotel, Pusat Sukan Air Presint 6, PICC, the dam crossing, Precinct 18 promenade, Taman Warsian Pertanian and back to TWP.

Distance covered: ~ 24 km

Trail condition: Promenade pavement (concrete imprint) + road

General notes:

First ride for the new year 2009. And this is also the first ride after almost 2 months of break. Yup, two months! I’ve thought of loads of excuses to give for this, but in the end I thought none is worth mentioning.

This is also the first time I’m riding in a group. A big group. Previously it was always the ‘lone ranger’ approach, or with another partner at the most.

And what a group this was. Led by the affable and super cool Kol. Azudin, this group will go on a trip to the end of the world if he so orders.

The members come in all shapes and sizes and background. They have a professor, medical doctors, a Japanese expat, and today, just to complete the list, a gutsy 12 year girl who had no problem whatsoever covering the whole distance.

Since I have been having a lengthy break, the long distance and the two uphill treks (as expected) took its toll on my middle-aged body. To top it up, I had a fall too.

So this morning when I woke up my whole body was screaming in pain. My knees were bruised and my back was painful and stiff as a result of the fall.

That’s the price to pay when you lay off for too long.

But what an experience it was. The antics that we created, we were like naughty school kids playing truant – or shall I say middle-aged Mat rempits?

Thank you to Kol. Azudin and gang for the experience. Looking forward to the next ride.


Anonymous said...


Lain kali jemputla kami kat Bukit Jelutong ni.....

Mid life crisis rider

Taufik said...

Dear Azizi,

You are invited to join PERs mailing list. Visit:


Mohd Adib said...

Dear Azizi,
I missed this PMR and glad to know that you enjoyed riding with our PERs gang:-)