Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Menara Condong Telok Intan

The view from inside the tower looking out. Also visible is the bell of the clock

Not many heritage buildings in Malaysia can claim to be totally locally-influenced in terms of design. Many buildings which get recognition and put under conservation programs are British-influenced.

The Menara Condong in Telok Intan is one exception.

Okay, it is not local as in Malay/Nusantara design-oriented. But it sure is not western-influenced. It looks like being inspired by a pagoda.

The tower is 85 feet tall and was built in 1885 which makes it a grand 124 year old structure!

Its original function was as a water tower to store water for use during drought periods. But it also had a clock (which functions well till today) and thus was more popularly known back then as Jam Tinggi.

With Telok Intan being located by the mighty Sungai Perak, the tower witnessed numerous flooding whenever Sungai Perak burst its banks. These flooding took its toll on the tower and led it to become tilted over the years.

During the Japanese occupation, the tower was used by the Japanese Army as a watch tower. Today (according to the officer manning the entrance) the tower is under the jurisdiction of Jabatan Muzium dan Antikuiti with maintenance undertaken by Majlis Daerah Hilir Perak. It is the icon of Telok Intan and fully recognized as a tourist attraction.

Whenever you drive through Telok Intan, don’t forget to stop by and go up the tower. Enjoy it while it’s still there.

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Tak pernah panjat naik atas.It is like the leaning tower of Pisa if not less.Pak Non mungkin dah pi ke Pisa.Dulu musim kirkby dia convoy round the clock in Europe.By vespa of course .He may produce that pictures,insyaallah. What about it ?If Pak Non reads this comment.