Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy belated birthday Anas

Anas is my third child. The 17th of May was his birthday. But without him around we couldn’t celebrate it yet. He was at boarding school in Batu Kikir, Negeri Sembilan.

The school term break started last Saturday and everybody’s back home now. So today on my way back home from Melaka for a “bajet mengurus” workshop, I stopped by at the local bakery and bought him a birthday cake.

When he was smaller, Anas used to be chubby and he was the cheekiest as well as noisiest of his siblings – tantrums, shrieks, loud laughing, you name it, he was well into it! Although he is less noisy now, he still is the cheekiest. And Anas has grown bigger and taller than me even though he is only just 15 years of age. He is also very athletic. He represents his school and district in the sprints and relays events since he was in Form 2.

Anas wants to be an engineer, trained in Germany, the land of superb engineering and technology. He shall be sitting for his PMR exam end of this year. He aims to get 9As and better his sister Sakinah (8As) and brother Syafiq (7As) at it. That’s what he told me.

Anas is a clever boy who is fast maturing. He knows that he has to prepare himself well and be focused towards achieving his target (and less napping during the day!) if he is to succeed. His school results so far have been rather encouraging. No straight As yet, but I sense the potential is there. All he needs to do is to remain focused and not forget to do his exercises

Abah and Umi love you Anas. And you know that our prayers are always with you. So work hard, my son, success shall come your way in all your undertakings, insyaALlah.

Photos notes: Anas at 4 years, and his birthday cake, of course.

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