Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend in Sungei Petani

The Mem Besar hails from Sungai Petani in Kedah. Last Friday we got out of bed very early and drove up north all the way from KL to Sungei Petani in time for the Friday prayer at Mesjid Sg Layar.

Sungei Petani is Kedah's second largest town after Alor Setar. But in terms of growth, it outstrips Alor Setar big time. This is especially so after the North-South highway provided a fast and convenient link to Penang in the early 1990s. One can now drive from Sungei Petani to the Penang island in half-an-hour via the Penang Bridge.

Like all towns in Kedah, the paddy field is an ever present landscape surrounding the town. With the Gunung Jerai as a majestic backdrop, it makes for a beautiful and breathtaking view.

Our trip to Sungei Petani was to visit the father-in law. He is not doing too well of late. He is due for angioplasty in August. And on top of that he had a fall recently which badly affected his back to the point that he is not able to sit up for long. We pray that he will get well soon and be able to fulfil his life-long dream of preforming the haj in Mekah. Amiin.

Photo notes:

Flower plants and young fruit trees at the mother-in-law's garden. Nadiah and friends playing galah panjang to while the time away (kids will be kids). Boys playing soccer at the nearby field.

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