Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Father's Day (1 week early)

I'm not really into celebrating all the "celebratory days" that you have . I don't keep myself reminded especially for them.

I guess that's why last year I got next to nothing in terms of a happy papa's day wish. So I ended up wishing my friend Dr. Andrew Chua happy father's day and then managed to persuade him (only just) to return the favour.

That being the case, you can imagine just how determined I am not to be embarrassed again this year. Thus it was with a little "help" from my son, Anas, that I excitedly sent "Happy Father's Day" wish by sms to almost all and sundry (all dads listed in my mobile phone) last Sunday.

Only problem was, Father's Day was not due for another week!

You see, what happened was that Anas had inadvertently "alerted" me one week early when he wished me Happy Father's day last Sunday when I'd dropped him off at Seremban bus station. Anas way on his way back to school after the school holidays.

Obviously Anas had got the date wrong. And poor, unsuspecting me, I just received his wish happily, even giving him a big hug for it (that's for reminding me).

Half-an-hour later, all sms wishes had been duely sent. And soon enough the return wishes came in one after another, but with some questioning the date, "hey, isn't it 1 week too early?" Sakinah did some hard thinking, and checking, and confirmed the worst ;-)

Anyway, no harm done, really. Its always good to be early, no? And thank you so much to Anas for the reminder. This year Abah got almost 30 Happy Father's Day wishes, albeit some with a big question mark tagged to it.

To all dads, wherever you are, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY...

p.s. could you please return me the favour ? ;-)


Abriza Mohammed said...

Happy Father's Day! please dont forget to wish me... Happy Mother's Day (eh! not a mother)..mmm.. Happy Town Planning Day lah (ada Town Planner's Day tak?).. rasanya tu je yang layak.

KotaStar said...

Dear Azizi,

No problem at all. It's better earlier. You beat the gun and it is possible to do so and not as when you are at the starting line when you would be disqualified.
Happy days to you and yr dad too.
I believe it is a significant reminder to all youngsters and adults that they do have a 'man' whom they care and love many years ago but as years go the affection lessen as they too have other responsibalities and greater love for others (wife and own chldren).

Pak Non