Thursday, May 24, 2007

Liverpool 1 – 2 AC Milan

Hard luck, Liverpool. That’s all I can say. After controlling much of the CL finals game and posing the greater threat, Liverpool was downed by a freak of an opener in first-half injury time. Admittedly, Milan’s second goal was well executed by the old master Pippo Inzaghi and beautifully assisted by Kaka.

Liverpool did all the right things. They showed passion and commitment. But in the end they were let down by their lack of fire-power. We don’t need to remind Senor Benitez of that of course. I’m sure he is already planning on his summer signings which will include top quality strikers.

Meanwhile, congratulations to AC Milan. And well done to Liverpool too, for we went down fighting. At least we did not get thrashed 3 – 0 like Man United ! (sorry la Man U fans - Man, Iwan, Akashah, Mrs A.O. et al, just couldn't resist the jibe ;-)

Despite being clobbered by Milan and all, some people are still clamouring for Man United to be allowed to play in KL. Latest I heard, they are trying to justify the visit by tying it to our 50 Years of Merdeka and Visit Malaysia Year Celebration?! Now, go figure that out.

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