Friday, May 11, 2007

Apak & Mak came visiting

Last week I went back to my hometown, Ipoh. When returning to Kuala Lumpur, I brought my parents with me.

It has been long since they were last here. Opah (grandmother) is now very frail. As a result, Mak, who takes close care of Opah, has become very reluctant to leave home for long periods.

After much persuading, she relented and agreed to follow me to Kuala Lumpur. Even then, it was not after my aunt, Makngah Zauyah, had promised to come over to take over her role for the week.

The day after we got back to Kuala Lumpur, I took Apak and Mak around Putrajaya. This is their second time here (I think). The last time, this Administrative Centre was still very much undergoing development. This time around, it is different. Nice buildings, beautiful bridges, picturesque lake views, clean and cozy residential areas, they just loved it.

I took them up to my office on the eight floor of our office complex. When I was younger, I used to visit Apak’s work place a number of times. There, his chummy office mates would chat with me. Asking me this and that. Now that I am older, and Apak no longer works, it is only fitting for me to show him MY work place. At least for once.

So there he sat on the sofa, in my office, soaking in the experience. And with Mak sitting beside him. All those years, during his working days, I don’t think he ever had Mak sitting next to him in his office. Only in my office.

Thank you for being with us in Kuala Lumpur, Apak and Mak.

And most of all, thank you so much for all your sacrifices, love and support all this while in bringing us up.


Abriza Mohammed said...

mana aci ni office besar!!!! kenang-kenangkan lah office kami di jalan cenderasari.. bocor, tak ada lift, buruk... :( (eh! baru ada feel kerja dengan Kerajaan)

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...


tak da lift tu lagi bagus...keeps you fit. tapi kalau sampai tingkat 4 tu tercungap juga dibuatnya (talking from experience!)