Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why I ride in Putrajaya

Putrajaya was planned to be a garden city.

It was deliberately designed to see greeneries in abundance and where its citizens would have nature at their doorsteps, so to speak.

Such planning has seen Putrajaya developing into a city where nature is woven seamlessly into the urban fabric. The lake, wetlands system, the wooded areas and endless green corridors, as well as the promenade all add up to an urban nature sanctuary bar none, dare I say.

This means that Putrajaya has - inadvertently perhaps - turned into a heaven for cycling.

For, besides the Putrajaya Challenge Park which is now well on the way to becoming a "must ride" venue for every mtb enthusiast worth his salt, you also have the trails in the wetlands and the kilometers of promenade which offer interesting rides within cool, shaded environment with the sounds of insects and birds chirping in the background.

And, by the way, Putrajaya also hosts the monthly Putrajaya Critical Mass.

Enjoy some pics taken during my morning ride in Putrajaya Wetland today with three of my riding buddies: Pak Adib, his son Maher, and Maher's office colleague Henri.

Pak Adib and gang preparing for the ride

Cool, crisp morning air - fresh air!

The lone rider: being one with nature

Lake side wakaf stop

Tranquil, serene place for respite

Wildlife in the wetlands

Macho riders

Putrajaya Lake/wetland

Pak Adib: he walks, he cycles, and now he wants to sail too! Seen here looking longingly at a boat



drtamil said...

Try riding elsewhere. Push yourself beyond your own boundaries. Otherwise forever you'll be in a coconut shell.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

K doc. Whatever you prescribe I will follow. But under coconut shell got isi yang sedap also you know :-)

Anonymous said...

The challenge is I think to get Putrajaya residents to cycle more & to use their bikes to cycle to the office....

kotastar said...

.Impressive and inviting BUT known only ( even then not all) by the putrajaya folks. Yes it should be enjoyed by others outside the capital city. Why not get the thousand of tourist that stopped only at the mosque to appreciate and know this treasure piece. A mtb for hire with a guided tour would be enjoyed by all. maybe yr cycling group could go into this venture. You will be richer with its success. Give a thought for this aspect of tourism. I would be ready to bring my mtb there if such a program/activity is available.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...


Point taken and agreed. Most of the cycling enthusiasts who are taking full advantage of the "cycling heaven" are outsiders. Not Putrajaya citizens.

Any suggestions?


Again, I have to agree with you. Putrajaya is not marketing its products as well as it should/could.


Anonymous said...

I have few suggestions :
(1) Lets have a Copenhagenize Putrajaya campaign! (2) Legalise the electric bicycle (3) Install shower in offices (4)Bring in some of those beautiful commuter bicycles I saw on the Internet being sold elsewhere (5) Some improvement to the bicycle path is required e.g. cyclists need to fight with cars for space to get into parcel E. Bicycle paths here are made for sight-seeing not for cycling to work though cyclist commuters can benefit from the infrastructure. (6) Tax relief for the purchase of a bicycle.