Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Charming Kg Kepayang Fair Park

A traditional village it might be, but sleepy, laid-back Kg. Kepayang Fair Park - my birth place - has its own rustic charms and attractions.

Enjoy some pictures from my recent trip back home.

The kampong's padang

Plentiful wild flowers near the railway line

The railway line which now has double-tracking. Quite a lot has changed here, compare this picture with the one at the top of this blog (masthead) which shows the same spot about 40 years ago

The bridge over Sungai Kinta - it links "Kepayang Dalam" and "Kepayang Luar"

The famous Sungai Kinta, after which comes the name of Kinta Valley which was once the richest tin mining area in the world