Sunday, March 09, 2008

A truimph for democracy

The 12th General Election is over. As the dust starts to settle after bruising battles among the political parties, a new political landscape emerges in Malaysia.

Yes, the voters have spoken with their votes. And were we in for some shocks.

Whilst retaining Kelantan -- quite easily it seems, the opposition also managed to secure four other states for good measure. I'll bet even the BA bigwigs were pleasantly surprised for that.

The BN would no doubt be licking their wounds. Some soul searching is in order. And heads will role, no doubt.

But have no fear Malaysians. Take it positively. Look at the wider picture.

For in a sense, the voting in of a stronger opposition will make the Government more accountable and transparent. It would force the Government to be more in touch with the realities facing common folks like you and I. The rakyat.

Now, surely this couldn't be that bad, is it?



I truely agree with saudara , the voters are wiser now.........but Pak Lah and his men forget to check themselves. High time Pak Lah bersara.

KotaStar said...

Yes we abide by the choice.The majority won. But the minority must also take to task the leadership of their 'trusted' captains who brought loss and got trounced. In anger they must be kicking the balls hard against the wall, bouncing back to no effects. The capain and trainers if any must go.Excellant that one party leader has voiced his willingness to resign and give up his leadership. Others? The euphoria is there but what will guarantee our survival?

AO said...

indeed, it is not bad. in fact, it's beyond better. my oh my, what an exciting time we live in. proud to be part of this historical event. see... told ya, going four zero is worth it.