Saturday, March 15, 2008

F1: Come on McLaren Mercedes!

McLaren's new mean machine, the MP4-23

The 2008 F1 Grand Prix season kicks off tomorrow with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

And guess what, Lewis Hamilton starts from where he left last season: right there among the leaders, already challenging for the championship.

Yes, in today’s final qualifying round in Melbourne, the 23 year old Briton won pole position for tomorrow’s race. His team mate, Kovalainen, was in third place.

After an upheaval year last season due to the spying scandal, it is heartening to see McLaren continuing to give Ferrari a run for their money.

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is supposed to represent the interests of motoring organisations and act professionally to govern motor sports worldwide. But they went overboard when they harshly penalized McLaren for the alleged spying. If you ask me, it was a pure, naked display of power by those in authority pursuing a personal vendetta against Ron Dennis, the Mclaren boss, rather than having the interests of the sport in mind.

In the aftermath, poor McLaren was penalized to the tune of $100 million and robbed of all their contractors’ championship points.

So you can see why I am really happy to see McLaren getting off on the right footing this season.

After Australia, next up is our very own Malaysian Grand Prix on 23 March 2008. The venue: Sepang International Circuit (SIC), the very first of Formula One's new breed of ultra-modern, high-tech tracks.

Bring on Ferrari.

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KotaStar said...

A Vey Good Monday Morning to you

Wah nampaknya the ramblings of Kampong boy has taken him to the tracks of Melbourne and next Sepang. He has certainly travelled and discovered new pastures and avenues. Begitulah hidupnya. Apa pun berlaku we would like to cling to the yesteryears, days of our childhood and kampong lifestyle.