Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cherry blossom season is here

Cherry blossoms flowered in Tokyo and two other prefectures in Japan last week. It signals the arrival of spring in Japan.

Without a doubt, spring is my favourite season in Japan. I like the cool, fresh, air. And I just love the smell of spring – the smell of an enchanting array of spring flowers, hmmmm…

But then autumn, too, has its own surreal beauty. And summer is full of zest and energy. And winter…oh, I give up. Each season has its own uniqueness. I love them all!

Back to cherry blossoms.

This year cherry blossoms, or sakura in Japanese, opened slightly earlier in Tokyo, in Shizuoka prefecture and in the southern prefecture of Kumamoto. You can read the report here.

I also wrote about the tradition of hanami (flower watching) in spring of last year. You can read it here.


KotaStar said...

Thank u for the refreshing update of cherry blossom a much needed attraction after all these stories about PM and politics in the country.
When are you taking us to Japan for a conducted tour. Would really be good to have a home grown tour guide.

Salam to you and family esp to Sakinah in her law studies.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

It would be my pleasure to give you a guided tour of Japan. First on the itinerary would be Kyoto the old capital of Japan which is full of historical buildings well preserved.

Next, old Tokyo (Ueno and Asakusa area) with famous temples and historical residential areas - no skyscrapers here.

Then, off to Akihabara; the electronic city within the heart of Tokyo where one can find anything and everything to do with elecronic goods, camera and computers.

But first: I have to start saving some money. Japan is soo expensive la :-)