Thursday, March 27, 2008

Master your law, Sakinah

“Law classes? Urghhh…I hate them”. I can just hear my daughter, Sakinah spewing out those words.

Sakinah is at the Sultan Azlan Shah Polytechnic studying her favored course, accountancy.

Last semester she did me proud by landing herself the Dean’s Award. But if she really aims to be a professional accountant, the good grades should continue, I told her. And that means having to master her law – a subject every one of her friend loves to hate, it seems.

Auntie, Cik Da, an accountant lecturer herself, has already warned that if there was one subject which does the most damage to accountancy students’ results, it is law.

This need not be so, she explained. The trick is not to let yourself be influenced by many around you into thinking that law is a subject designed only to be loathed and despised, if nothing else. You know, much like Additional Mathematics during secondary school days.

But for those who put in some honest effort to master it, they will be well and truly rewarded. Yes, much like what Additional Mathematics lovers get during secondary school days!

So Sakinah, don’t shy away from your law classes. Get hold of those Companies Act 1965, Registration of Businesses Act 1956, and keep slogging. I challenge you!

You won’t regret it, I promise.


Anonymous said...

ok, i'll do my best abah. insyaalah. please do pray for you.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...


Abah and Umi will always remember you in our do'a. And we love you too.