Saturday, February 02, 2008

Putrajaya Planning Seminar 2008

Seminar pamphlet

Last Friday, the 1st of February, was FT Day.

For the uninitiated, FT Day stands for Federal Territories Day. So it has been for the last 34 years when Kuala Lumpur was handed over by the Government of Selangor to the Federal Government on February 1, 1974.

Since then, KL has been joined by Labuan (1984) and Putrajaya (2001) to become Federal Territories.

In recent years, FT Day celebration has gone from strength to strength in terms of scale and grandiosity.

The kick-off for this year’s celebration was held yesterday 2nd February, at the Cheras football stadium. It was launched by the PM, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the celebration will run for one whole month, culminating in a closing ceremony to be held in Labuan at the end of February.

There is a long list of events lined up for the one month. Most will be in the form of entertainment-cum-community events such as a Royal Gala Concert, Pesta Sukan Rakyat, and fisihing competition. Others will include a Kite Festival and a Nature Photography expedition.

One event which stands out quite different in its nature and “entertainment value” is a seminar to be held in Putrajaya.

Yes, in conjunction with the FT Day celebration the authority in charge of Putrajaya is organizing a seminar entitled “Creating a Livable and Vibrant Putrajaya”.

The seminar, to be held on 13 and 14 February, is the clearest indication yet that, after slightly over ten years in existence, the city authority is dead serious in making sure that the city they have planned and developed really does work.

And the vibrancy and degree of livability of a city is the surest measure of a city’s success – especially for a newly-planned and developed one, like Putrajaya.

This seminar is therefore very timely. It could bring forth valuable input to the authority, as well as, developers involved in Putrajaya to set the new city on the road to further glory.

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