Saturday, February 09, 2008

Barack Obama for President

I don't quite understand the American system of choosing candidates for presidential election. And, come to think of it, why should I care who the Americans want to have as their next president?

But this time around one hopeful candidate has managed to pique my interest. He is the junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

To be sure, this graduate of the Harvard Law School is not the first African American to have come up this path of taking a shot at the American presidency. But his is so far the most realistic yet. For someone who can give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination, now that certainly is worth watching. Especially so when Hillary is fiercely supported by none other than 'Minder-in-Chief-cum-hubby, Bill Clinton himself.

Who ever gets nominated by the Democrats, and whether he or she eventually gets to be the next president, is up to the Americans to decide. And it wouldn't make much difference to us foreigners in terms of US international policy given the strong presence of the same old lobby groups hovering in the corridors of Capital Hill. For example, one can expect a blind and unconditional support for the regime in Israel to continue.

But at least if Obama does come into office, we can expect a breath of fresh air about Washington. I think we can look forward to a new angle of looking at things, and with it, some new approaches to handling matters - even with regards to international policies.

So, Barack Hussein Obama, you get my vote - for better or for worse.


KotaStar said...

As you said who is absorbed with the US election? I knew the name Obama but never realised that he is the 'new' American the likes of Luther King or Ali the Bee till you display his pic. For Hillary it beats me why the wife wants to go for Presidency after being in the White House before and simply how would she function with the ex President by her side?
We care only because it affects US relation with the world and Malaysia too.

Our coming stop at the ballot box seems more crucial now with unprecedented 'disbelief' over the leadership and Malay autonomy! Kita dah lupa segalanya.

Izwan Ismail said...

Obama do get my vote..He is different and maybe can lead the changes.."Change we can believe in"

Queen Of The House said...

Assalamualaikum ..

America may be ready for a woman president or a black president, but despite all the hoohaa about them being the land of the free, I doubt if they'll ever be ready for a Muslim president. Which is lucky for Obama, I guess. He claims familiarity with and is sympathetic to the religion of Islam, which may sway some votes of the Muslim community in his way. But I believe he only got as far as he has now because he is NOT a Muslim. The American presidential election is a long-drawn, fascinating process (who on earth understands about the primaries, the caucuses, etc??) which sees keen competition within the same party - which is probably what makes the elected person a very strong, influential person.

Interesting how short a time we have from the moment our parliament is dissolved, candidates announced (no real fight there) and the polls conducted. Sometimes I wonder if the promises and the proposals during the campaign trail are also hastily put together.

Still, OUR election process has its plus points ....

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Your Majesty QOTH

I agree both systems of election has its strengths and weaknesses.

Ours is most suited to our culture, I suppose. Knowing how we just love to talk politics in the office and kedai kopi, we'd end up doing nothing for a whole year if we had system like in America.