Sunday, February 24, 2008

'Tis the silly season alright

The silly season of politics is here again. No, I’m not referring to Obama’s retort to Hillary Clinton when she decided to bash him for “plagiarizing speeches” – whatever that means. I thought politics is all about speeches, and making promises – albeit, some of them empty – and there is no “trademark” or “copyright” to ideas for speeches.

But I digress. What I am referring to is the coming Malaysian General election. Unless you’ve just made your way out of the jungle, after being lost for the last two weeks, you would’ve known that the 12th General Election is looming.

The silly season of Malaysian politics is all-year round, if you ask me. But it started in earnest, and began its full swing today when election candidates were nominated by their respective parties.

What better way to spend your Sunday morning than to slouch yourselves on the couch and watch the antics of the politicians who are up for nomination grinning broadly from ear to ear, waving frantically to supporters and potential voters.

Yes, they are all ever so anxious to project a nice and “ready to serve” image. Never mind if they have never been known to visit their constituencies and offer their service, let alone offer a smile to the very people that elected them in the first place!

But that’s all part of politics. The most important thing to bear in mind is that we voters have the choice. So, we’d better use our rights wisely.

Vote intelligently.

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They mostly talk rubbish...pujuk sana-sini , jalan kehulu kehilir ,janji juta-juta ongkosnya dan ...dan...dannn laginya.

Only that grandma from k/terengganu can read the pictures.