Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alex Ferguson talks some sense, finally

In his predicament with Liverpool FC’s current owners, Rafa Benitez has gained sympathy and support from the most unlikely of source – Alex Ferguson.

The Manchester United boss was reported to have criticized Liverpool's American owners for the way they have undermined Benitez.

Ferguson was quoted by the BBC to have said, “You should let a manager get on with his job.

"At big clubs, it's absolutely paramount that the board show their class.

"Arsene Wenger has had great support at Arsenal and I've had great support, too, ever since I came here. So there's a certain type of unity there," said Ferguson.

I never thought I would ever say this but, ermm… Ferguson, thank you.

We owe you one.

But only on this one, though. As for the rest…all is not forgiven, nor forgotten.

What, kiss and make up? YEUCHH, don't even THINK about it!!


KotaStar said...

Really this blogging thing is time consuming yet the time spent is worthwhile. It fills up the empty moment while allowing us to express our interest or choice subjects. More still keep us in check with words and spelling not to count grammar etc. I hope it will be a feature in schools and colleges introducing our youth back to writing skills. From yr write up it shows clearly your main focus. Pt Dickson, kacang Buncis and Tuvalu all speak of environment related to yr profession. Blogs do not hurt the govt or administration. It only points weaknesses if any and still one is free to accept or turn a deaf ear.Surely all the stories, views in blogs are self expression. I believe we found a mean. maybe opening the path to writing and publishing. It gathers our thoughts and expression which would otherwise remain extinct. You even have found a way to express about yr family which indirectly will help to make the children understand you more. They too know yr die hard supporter of Liverpool. Our secrets show out in blog. A comment for the night to think about.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Salam Pak Non

Thanks you for your latest comments - words of wisdom from a man of vast experience, I might add.

All that you said are totally agreeable with me. It's as if you can read my mind!

I write on things which are close to my heart and I feel strongly about. I write to express my 2 cents worth of views on things.

But most of all it is to gather my thoughts and remind myself of my worries,happiness & responsibilities of being a parent to 4 kids (& husband to 1 wife, so far :-).

And yes, it is also a means for my family to know my views, thoughts and my love for them. That's why I share the blog with them & ask them to read it (and sometimes contribute an article or give a comment or two).

Btw just got back from Ipoh to visit my father. He's ok, although the knees are getting weaker and he lost a lot of weight.

Thanks again Pak Non.