Saturday, August 04, 2012

Our jambu air

In front of our house, just outside the main gate, there is a little tree which I care for enormously. It stands barely above two meters in height, and yet it has given immense joy to my family and I, as well as to our neighbours, and the odd strangers who pass by.

This is our "jambu air mawar" tree. Sometimes it is also called "jambu bertih" presumably because of the small size of its fruits.

This tree is particularly close to my heart as it reminds me of one of my father's many visits to our home. For the tree was planted by my Apak. The origins of this tree is to be found right in front of our kampong home in Kampong Kepayang Fair Park in Ipoh. Apak did a marcotting of a small branch from that tree, brought it to KL and planted it himself in front of my house.

That must have been six or seven years ago. Since then the tree has borne fruits countless number of times which we have enjoyed with pencicah rojak or the simple combination of kicap and some chili potong. When it bears fruit, the tree will look very beautiful with the sight of the bright red fruits against the background of green leaves. 

The fruit will normally be in much abundance such that we are always able to share them with our neighbours, the neighbourhood kids who pass by our house and the many Indonesian maids who stay in and around the area. It is very much a free for all for passers by who might desire a taste of Kampong Kepayang original jambu air.

The tree has been subject to numerous attacks by insects and plant diseases. But so far I have been able to manage them and make sure it remains healthy and continue to bear fruits. May it long continue to live and bear fruits for all and everyone. In so doing, I hope that that one small good deed by Apak all those years ago will continue to be rewarded by Allah SWT.



Al-Manar said...

As Kota Star mentioned earlier you are now entering a new scope, rare plants etc. I suppose this jambu is common in Malaysia but because it has no real commercial value it may disappear one day. It is certainly good for 'colek' and mixed fruit rojak. Incidentally have you seen the revised Kirkby College - a heritage? My wife turns all very nostalgic every time she sees pictures in that book.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Al-Manar, I have a copy of the Kirkby College - A Heritage. Bought it at INTAN during the Kirkby Educational Exhibition in 2008. Is there a new, revised edition to it?