Monday, July 16, 2012

Buah Letup letup anyone?

I was in Trolak last weekend for a short course on macro economics. Yup, its back to school, folks. The course was held at the FELDA Residence, a small campus just off the Federal Highway Route 1, way, way off any distractions like shopping complexes and mamak stalls, even.

On the way to class, I spotted a familiar looking plant with its twines climbing up a tree and fruits ripe for  the picking. It was the buah 'letup-letup' as we call it in Malay.

It has been quite some time since I last saw this plant. During my growing up days at the kampong, I used to pick its small fruits and ate them just like that. Sweet and delicious they are!

The letup-letup is a common wild plant in many parts of the world. They can be found in Europe, America and the rest of Asia. So, it was not just my brothers and I who competed with the birds to enjoy them fruits. Most likely, even kids in Europe and the rest of the world were at it, too. So says the wikipedia.

But the wikipedia also says that the plant originates from South America and the Caribbeans. Now, this I find quite hard to believe. If so, how did the plant turn up in my kampong? For there is no way that a South American, nor someone from the Caribbeans, could have journeyed to Kampong Kepayang, Ipoh with seeds of this humble plant.

Yes, I have heard strange tales and stories of my kampong from atok and opah. But never did they mention anything about foreigners ending up at our little kampong, except for the Japanese during the World War II. 

Then again, who knows?



Al-Manar said...

I nrver thought this plant could be found so widely in the world. For that matter I was sure letup letup could be seen around Terengganu.

I had forgotten about this plant until I came to read this.I am sure this plant can be found creeping in the bushes around my house. I am sure I saw one not long ago. I sure would be on the look out and show it to my grandchildren when they come around on holidays.

kotastar said...

Dear Azizi,

That's an interesting observation. maybe because it 'meletup' therefore it was carried away to Kg Kepayang or even to that beautiful location by the seaside in Trengganu. It is found here in Kedah too. But It has been decades since I last saw or touch it. Thank you for the reminder. By the way when at the flower show Putrajaya we also bought a plant that has the power to 'halau nyamok' Therefore the name. Seen it? Now that you are branching into a new scope maybe it should interest you . Salam

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Al Manar, yes you should show the plant to your grandchildren, they'd love the fruit. Better than sitting around playing their iPads.

Pak Non, I've heard about that plant and been searching for it too, unfortunately I didn't see it during Floria. Wonder if they sell it at plant nurseries.

Anonymous said...

Hi Azizi, I love to eat this buah letup-letup aka lopok-lopok when I was little. I'm looking to try to grow this in my backyard so that my kids learn something about my childhood. Can I have some cuttings from you? Alice