Friday, April 01, 2011

Yummy ikan terubuk

What's your favourite fish? For me, the shad, or ikan terubuk, would be amongst the top of the list.

The terubuk is an estuarine fish. It is full of bones no doubt, but its white flesh is soft and tastes quite unlike any other fish you'd find at the market. I don't know how to describe it (i just know how to eat) but its kinda lemak and ohhh...

But because of its bones, some people would never even take a second look at terubuk. They find it too difficult to eat! Which is just fine by me. I'll just have them all to myself, thank you very much :)

My love for terubuk started a very early age. I remember when we were staying in Bota Kanan, Apak used to bring fresh terubuk home for Emak to grill. The smell of the fish oil as it drips off in the grilling process was enough to make me drool in anticipation of a fine feast. We used to take the terubuk with some air asam. Mmmm..I'm starting to salivate now just thinking about it.

Sarawak terubuk is very famous for being amongst the tastiest in Malaysia. Their salted terubok is also much sought-after by visitors and tourists to the state. Where to get them? Just head to Pasar Satok and take your pick.

The photo above shows salted Sarawak terubuk at a market in Miri.

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Mummy Zara's Cottage at Putrajaya said...

Tn. Hj, saya makan ikan ni sure terlekat tulang..hahaha tapi mmg sgt sedap..