Saturday, December 18, 2010

Images from UK visit

Kirkby Railway Station sign-post. This is actually Kirkby's new station. The old station used to be slightly away from this site

The railway line leading to Liverpool from Kirkby. Just behind those trees (in the background) on the embankment to the right  of the railway line is the southern border of the Malayan Teachers' Training College (MTTC)

My first view of the MTTC former campus ground. This is where my father, Ahmad Termizi Mat Nor , used to study as a young trainee teacher between 1956 to 1958. The green open space used to be almost right at the center of the former campus ground

The MTTC former campus now has been redeveloped into an up-market residential area. The row of houses in the background is where the dormitory blocks (closer to the main entrance of college) used to be

Frost on bollards in Poundbury, Dorset

Holly plant shrubs by the River Lea. 'Tis the season to be merry, no?

Birds on Blackpool beach during sunset

Books on the book rack in the Architecture & Planning Department Library, University of Manchester. This is where I used to spend hours slogging it out

House boats on the River Lea. No need to pay rates

Signage on the National Cycle Network which runs by the River Lea and just close by the Olympic Stadium 2012 currently being built


KotaStar said...

Hi, Salam to you. My I am sure you did not miss the opportunity to visit the very place where your dad was before. We are back at home arriving yesterday and on opening the pages found this report of yrs with the very sign of Kirkby as posted I am sure you manage to see parts of Liverpool too. Wish your all the best esp in yr assignment.

Pak Non

Anonymous said...

Just to inform Kirkyites and their descendants that Filem Negara is in the process of making a 90 minutes documentary of Maktab Kirkby. It will be shown on RTM during Hari Guru 2011 on May 16. Maybe the crew will fly to Liverpool to shoot some scenes on present day Kirkby ground. Also planning to put up a plaque on the site to mark the ground where MTTC Kirkby once stood.

leslie s. j. foo said...

Thank you for visiting Kirkby and bringing us pictures of the place. Among the sons and daughters of former students of the Kirkby College, you are one in a million!
Leslie Foo

janza2005 said...

Thank you Azizi for the pictures of Kirkby. I am planning a trip to UK in April 2011 and I have made it a point to visit Kirkby.
As a faithful Liverpool fan I also plan to visit Anfield Stadium (my three grandsons are envious as they are,like their father, hardcore liverpool fans.
Kind regards,
Zainal Arshad
(Kirkby 1954-56)