Monday, December 13, 2010

Goodbye Manchester

At 2.02pm my 10-wheeled National Express coach set off from the Manchester Coach Station on Chorlton St.

It has been a hectic and very tiring 4 days and 3 nights in the North West of England for me.

But for a sentimental slob (yeah, that's me) it was well worth it.

For I have managed to re-visit not only my old university in Manchester, but also my old college in Blackpool.

But to top it all up, I squeezed in a short visit to Apak's stomping ground all those years ago, which is Kirkby in Merseyside.

No easy feat all this running around. Especially when the weather is so unforgiving, and the daylight hours are so short (sunrise is round eight in the morning and it begins to get dark around half past three).

To be sure, my visit was helped by a great extent through the kindness of some bright Malaysians students in the city of Manchester.

I will write about my travails in the North West and my stay with my new-found friends in my next posting.

For now I'll let you "enjoy" a view of the British drab winter afternoon. Picture taken from my bus as we leave Manchester for London.

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AO said...

photos are incredible!