Thursday, December 09, 2010

Here comes the sun

After six days in London (at last) the sun is shining over Britain, or at least parts of it.

For the past few days, site visits have been conducted in freezing, sub-zero temperatures. This has got to be the most grueling site technical visits ever in my career as a town planner -  and that's including my student days, too.

So the sun is here, for today at least. But according to the weather man, it won't be for long. Come next week, another cold front is expected to sweep over Britain.

I'm now at the Victoria Coach Station waiting for a bus to Manchester.

Note: The photo shows a man on a train platform on our way to Poundbury in Dorset. The sun may seem to be  shining, but the temperature was actually  -1 celcius.



salam azizi,

selamat berada di sana.

zulkifly said...

salam..enjoy the freezing winter...good to drop by at he bike it is suppose to be year end sales...

zol helmi said...

selamat 'balik kampung' abg azizi.
tq for coming to my house.
*bila nak masuk dalam post ni. hehe*