Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Photography trips

Seafront of Conway, North Wales

Student days are meant to be enjoyed. If you have the time, that is.

But you have to make the time. For these are the days when one is young and energetic. One has to go out and about, see new places, and learn new things. Enjoy life.

After all, you are only young once. Once you hit mid-twenties, its downhill all the way. One by one your senses and physical well-being will start to give way.
One of the things which I used to do during my A-Levels in England was to pick up photography. And oh, how glad I am that I did.

Photography has given me much pleasure and taken me to new places when I go on one of my photo trips with either my housemates or visiting friends from other cities. It has taught me to be more observant of my surroundings. And it has enabled me to look at the beauty of seemingly even the most mundane of things such as a puddle on wind-swept, very cold Blackpool beach on a winter evening.


FJ said...

What a lovely sight!
I would've mistaken this for a painting!

KotaStar said...

Congratulation for a new layout. I beg to differ on yr going downward after 2o. You yrself have prove otherwise.Just look at yr new format.
Just count the number of places you have visited and toured since leaving College / Uni and many more you visit and the knowledge you will learn. No we continue to be educated and stronger in all ways. Salam

Sri Mersing said...

Masa muda Yop dah berlalu. Tapi selagi nafas Yop ada selagi itu Yop masih ada peluang duduk di atas kulit bumi ini dan menikmati keindahan alam semesta.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Thanks for your comment. I should have known that would be coming from you :-)

My point was really to urge young people to get the most out of life, and not to waste opportunities.

But I totally agree with you that we should continue learning "sehingga ke akhir hayat".

Your goodself is my role model in this. The body of knowledge and wide ranging experience that you posses from being a teacher to (now) being and internet savvy pensioner involved in design and architectural projects amazes me.

I remember the day when you emailed me and asked for tips to start your own blog. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the email. This, coming from someone who is my father's buddy from his college college days!

May ALlah bless you with the best of health and iman.

KotaStar said...

Sdr Azizi,

Satu penghormatan yg tinggi. Mengenang air mata menerima satu ulasan dari seorang anak muda. Mengapa tidak kerana dia adalah anak kepada sdr saya. Saya syukur kerana diberi ganjaran hingga dapat meneruskan hidup ini dg penuh kenikmatan. Berjumpa dengan kawan lama dan baru dan membantu keluarga dalam apa saja bidang. Thank u for wanting to take up the good sides of me. Together InsyaAllah we will make our kins appreciate the true nature of life; accepting all challenges. Dengan harapan yr mum is well taken care of and pl try to avoid further such incidents at home. Selamat berpuasa dan menunaikan segala ibadatnya.