Saturday, August 14, 2010

Khenduri in Batu Gajah

In June we went to Batu Gajah in Perak to attend the wedding of Abg Wazir's son. It was a good family reunion as it is seldom nowadays that I get to meet up with our relatives from my father's side.

The grand old dame that is Opah Chu was there, and so were a few other familiar faces.

Abg Wazir is related to me by "satu moyang" as we say here in Perak. It means that we have the same great-grandfather.

Besides meeting people it was of course time to savour traditional delicacies like the baulu, tepung pelita and tapai, mmmm.

Sorry about the photos, they were taken using my hand phone in low-light conditions.

Emak (left) with Opah Chu. Its been quite sometime since they last met
Mouth watering tepung pelita (left)
Lovely crispy kueh baulu, my favourite traditional kueh

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