Saturday, August 28, 2010

Missing my lovable Tok Hussein

Tok Hussein (left) on the day I left for UK to do A-Levels in September of 1979

This very old Ten Ringgit note (notice the dollar sign) was a gift from Tok Hussein to me and my two brothers - each one of us got one. I can't recall exactly, but maybe it was a duit raya. Ten Ringgit was a lot of money for a small kid in the 1970s. This note is still in my possesion till today

Every once in a while, we tend to recall and remember our departed loved ones. This may grow into a deep sense of longing and a strong feeling of missing them.

The recent incident in Kampong Kepayang when my Emak was hurt by a burglar who broke into our kampong home brought me back memories of Tok Hussein who was the patriarch of the family, the "master of the house" so to speak.

In those days, when Tok Hussein was still around, our kampong home was always safe and secure. Small it might have been, but as far as I can remember it was a blissful and cheery place for us kids.

Tok Hussein is Hussein bin Yaacob, my maternal grandfather.

As I recall, he was a man of slight built, with a fair complexion. And he was a kind man with a very gentle disposition. One could not ask for a more loving grandpa.

When I started schooling, my father sent me away to stay with Tok Hussein and Opah Badariah in Kampong Kepayang, Ipoh so that I could enroll into an English-medium school. So it was Tok Hussein who ferried me to and from school everyday, using his trusted Honda Cub motorcycle.

When I pillion ride with him, I would wrap my arms around his body from behind, press my face into his back and hug him hard so that I would not fall off the bike. To this day, I can still remember the nice smell of his body.

Tok Hussein passed away on 6th September 1980 at the age of 62.

Al Fatihah buat Tok Hussein bin Yaacob. Semoga Allah menempatkan beliau bersama orang-orang yang soleh dan dikasihiNya.
This is how Tok Hussein's signature looks like. I remember his signature well as he used to sign many receipts for payment of Duit Khairat Kematian. He was the treasurer, I think, as he would go around the kampong collecting the money from kampong folks. This particular signature was found on the back of one of the old cupboards at our kampong home. It is dated 21 June 1958




Salam Azizi,


KotaStar said...

Yes we echo Al Fatihah to him and many others who have departed.

It is a great story, very personal and hit the core of the heart. I am sure if you scout around the old home you will find many other treasures hidden. Just like the $10 note and the 'signature'. BTW don't leave the old home too long. I found many treasure pieces in my old home.
Salam to all.

mazjahada said...

Al fatihah... semoga rohnya ditempatkan bersama-sama orang yang dikasihi Allah. Ameen