Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gardening day

The long end-of-year school break is over and life is back to 'normal'.

'Normal' in the sense that my weekends can be spent attending to our small garden, riding my mountain bike, or going to the surau for solat subuh and kuliah subuh.

Such seemingly not-out-of-the-ordinary activities become somewhat of a luxury during school breaks as I tend to be engrossed in this and that....err...I don't know what!

This past few weeks it has been balik kampung trips, khenduri trips, family outings, a driving vacation, a seminar, a name it, I'd done it.

Today was the first Saturday - after quite sometime - that I could potter around in the garden.

The first thing that needed to be attended to was the lawn, for the grass had threatened to grow to be like lalang! Yes, that's how long they'd been left un-attended.

I like to mow my own lawn. It gives me more satisfaction, and I can be quite hard to please as to how I want the grass to be cut.

To help me out, together with me today was Anas, Nadiah, and of course the Mem Besar.

Incidentally, the Mem Besar had cut down the big bougainvillea tree by the front gate as well as another tree much closer to the house. So the garden looks a bit barren now. Somehow she had got into this chopping-off mood that day. Luckily not of the Bobbit style chop-off (ouch!).

After this, I'll be off to Putrajaya to apply for Nadiah's IC.

She's a big girl now, my youngest. And this shall be a big year for her too. UPSR exam.


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