Sunday, January 24, 2010

Taman Mahkota Cheras Ride

Tired faces half way up the hill to the water tank (actually just one tired face, because Anas was just fine)

The view from Bandar Mahkota Cheras water tank (half way up)

This was my second ride after the accident last May (or was it June?).

Again my companion was Anas. I'm not ready yet to venture out with my riding buddies who are bound to be much fitter as they've been training continuously.

Today's ride took us to Bandar Mahkota Cheras, the residential area famous for its traffic light/junction blockage incident last year which saw scuffles and demonstrations.

Tried to attack its highest point, the water storage tank atop a hill. The mind said "weee...let's go, let's go!". But my body said "arrgh...tak boleh tahan....".

So we ended up just half way up. The view from up there was breathtaking nevertheless. But I got breathless, and sweated, profusely!


Date: 24 January 2010 (Sunday)

No. of riders : just the two of us

Set off/finish time: ~ 6.50am – 8.15am

Total duration: 1 hour 25 min.

Route: Home, Tmn Mahkota Cheras, Pekan Cheras Batu 11 river confluence, Taman Megah.

Distance covered: 15.8 km

Trail condition: Road plus a little bit of rough trails

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