Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

They call it the greatest show on Earth. Judging by the show put up by hosts China during the opening ceremony, one can see why.

But that was just for starters. Now that the ceremony is over, let the games begin.

Over the course of next two weeks sports lovers will be treated to an overdose of sporting events. I shall be particularly on the look the lookout for results in badminton, cycling and archery - events which I think Malaysia has a decent chance of performing well.

Will this be the Olympics that we get our first gold medal? Only time will tell.

The problem with our athletes is that we just can't get over the "jaguh kampung" curse. If that trend continues, then I guess we'd just have to wait for the time when we become the hosts ourselves.

Now, that could take a while yet.

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