Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hard luck, Liverpool

It’s a public holiday, and my son Syafiq shall return from his boarding school. Moreover, tomorrow, Anas shall come back too. Ordinarily, that would have been enough to make me wake up bright and sprightly this morning.

However, this is no ordinary day. Liverpool was booted out of the Champions League competition early this morning. I feel down and lethargic. A much looked forward to ride on my mountain bike seemed like a ‘mountainous’ effort and an unappealing prospect. So, it was cancelled.

Liverpool did well enough. In terms of ball possession, we were up there. But we had to pay for a few missed chances. To compound matters further, Torres – the ayam tambatan – had to be taken off for a problem with his hamstring.

Still, to go out on a 3 – 2 score line isn’t that bad. Scoring two goals in the fortress that is Stamford Bridge is a feat even Man United finds hard to achieve.

To be sure, Chelsea flies to Moscow with a ‘blessing’ from Liverpool, so to speak. If not, then how do you explain John Arne Riise’s last gasp own goal in the first leg?

But in the end, it has to be said that Liverpool just ran out of luck. Thus the own goal. Plus, the penalty denied from Liverpool when John Terry handled the ball in their penalty area, and denied again when Hyypia was brought down during extra time.

I hope Lady Luck continues to smile on Chelsea during the final match in Moscow come May 21st.

Go on, make my day, and beat Man United! That’ll be a perfect birthday gift for yours truly.



Without Mourinho Chelsea still could make it. To them impossibble is nothing.
Anyhow back luck to Liverpool.

My son Ihsan isa a Chelsea fan that why I am quick at the results.

How is Syafik ?
Jangan susah hati,let them try again.

Izwan Ismail said...

Jangan down season ada lagi..moh support Man U hehe..