Monday, May 19, 2008

Selamat Hari Guru

The 16th of May is Teachers' Day in Malaysia. So, Happy Teachers' Day to all my cikgu-cikgu.

The wish goes to my former cikgu during my primary school days in SRJK Ashby Road in Ipoh, SRJK Clifford in Kuala Kangsar, as well as Sek Men Sains Perlis, in Bohor Pulai, Kangar.

And of course, I must mention my Apak, a proud teacher himself.

Thank you so much cikgu-cikgu. Without selfless people like you, what would have been of me.



Semua guru saya di Sekolah Melayu dah kembali ke pangkuan Allah.Doa roh2 mereka bersama orang2 solihin.

A special doa for your father : May he lives long , lives strong and healthy , lives happy......Ameen.

Anonymous said...

And to Sir Alex too. A guru in football management.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Sdr Anonymous,

Alex Ferguson a guru? You MUST be joking. More like a big bully, if you ask me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice to bump into a fellow former Ashby Road School boy. Studied there from 1969 Std 1 to 1974 Std 6. Revisited the school recently. Lot of changes were done to the school but still got teary eyes walking around the school compound.