Sunday, April 27, 2008

At Nadiah's sports day

Carnival atmosphere at Stadium Bola Sepak Cheras

Nadiah sprinting to the finish line

All hot and sweaty, but happy to win second place for her team

Nadiah receiving her medal from the headmaster

Today we attended Nadiah’s school sports day at the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium in Cheras.

Nadiah is our youngest. So small and petite, one would never have guessed that she could be a runner in a relay team. Nevertheless, a runner she is. And in so doing, she has followed in the footsteps of her brothers in getting involved school sports.

Hers was a serious preparation. Three full weeks of practice after school. No iced drinks and ice creams (teacher said this is no good for stamina!). Also, teacher has ordered the team to drink lots of 100 Plus during practice, and take spoonfuls of Glucolin right up to just before the race.

And the result? Nadiah’s team won second place.

The look on Nadiah’s face after the race says it all. She was very satisfied that her hard work (especially that bit on keeping off the iced drinks and ice cream) has paid dividends.

As a father, I am very happy for her too. To see her putting real effort, and enjoying the occassion at the same time, is as much a reward for me, as it is hers.

I think getting our children into sports gives them an opportunity to socialize and make friends. They will learn how to interact and work as a team – a trait that will be useful throughout their life.

But above all, sports also afford ‘busy’ parents like me golden opportunities to show our children that we love and support them. Simple acts like showing up to their games and giving them tips will go a long way. I have turned up (uninvited) at my sons’ football matches in Kuala Selangor, track and field meets in Seremban, and basketball matches in Labu, Negeri Sembilan, to name a few places.

The ‘tips’ that we offer might not work all the time – after all we are no expert coaches (and I suspect they know it too). But it is a great means for talking and engaging with them.

Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara.



Sdr.Azizi ,

You inherit what the Kirkbyites did & done in the 50's / 60's.

To cucu Nadia,

Anyway Nadia ,my congratulations for getting the silver medal. Remember , this is the olympic year.

Nadiah said...

Thank you Tok wan Cha .