Friday, April 25, 2008

Blame it on Telekom Malaysia

When I arrived back from Sydney last Saturday, I had so much on my mind to write about my trip Down Under. Alas, when I reached home, I was duly told by the Mem Besar that the PC's modem had gone kaput!

A report was made to Telekom Malaysia (TM) and I was told in a business-like tone that "you will be promptly served within two working days, sir, that's our client's charter".

Well, what do you know. It is only seven days later that they sent around the technician. And even that was only after twelve follow-up calls to the customer service centre.

The excuse given: "we ran out of modems". Can you believe it? Can you accept that coming from TM, a giant of a corporate entity which is supposed to be making Malaysia proud worldwide and earning profits in the billion?

But then, now that I've got my modem, I don't have any excuse not to write do I?

So, write I shall. This ranting is just for starter.



Sdr.Azizi ,

I too have problems with this streamyx....I have written in my comment in my blog (Bila dah Tua).

Daily I made 2 or 3 calls and produced my report number......many of the employees there boleh kenal saya bila depa terima panggilan dari Sik.......kesian juga kat pekerja2 ni kita dok hentam....lastly suruh bagitau Pengurus Besar made a direct contact to me so that I can belasah.........they don't work like Kirkbyites.

My regards.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Salam Pak Cha

Is your problem resolved now? If not ask to speak to their "second level" or higher up i.e. manager and also threaten to complain online.

Sorry to say, this is what it takes to get things moving in Malaysia. Third world infrastructure and third world mentality!

Good luck.


Sdr. Azizi ,

My problems solved.....tapi tak tau berapa hari boleh bertahan .Anyhow depa kontek bertanya kalau2 ada lagi problem.