Thursday, November 29, 2007

School holidays: time to rileks habis?

The end of year school holiday season has started. Apart from my eldest, Sakinah, who is preparing for her semester exams at the polytechnic, all my children are back at home.

So, a couple of weeks before the holiday started I'd started scratching my head thinking: “what would they do during this one-and-a-half month’s break at home?” Left to their own device, the scenario would most likely be as follows:

Subuh: wake up for solat (but not after a few rounds of shouting to wake them up)

After subuh: back to sleep

9.30 or 10.00am: wake up for breakfast

10.00 – 1.00pm: switch on computer, open internet (mySpace, Friendsters, Footy tube, BBC Sport, Liverpool FC TV etc.), watch TV, read newspaper or magazine (sometimes only)

2.00 to 5.00pm: more of the above

6.00pm: play football

After Maghrib: watch news on TV

After news: more internet or play games on Play Station

After 10.30 (after Abah and Umi have gone to bed): watch sports on TV-ESPN, Astro Sports etc.

1.00am: go to bed (finally...)

3.00am: wake up - watch live EPL or Champions League football on TV

5.00am: back to bed again.

Yes. School holidays are akin to a honeymoon period for all of them. All play and no work, and not a worry in the world. Really makes me jealous sometimes.

That’s why this time around I am quite determined not to let them go scot-free.

I signed Syafiq and Anas up for a summer camp in Hulu Langat towards the end of December.

In addition, a few chores are lined up: paint the kitchen, paint the bedroom, buat kebun at the back of our house (kacang panjang, kacang buncis and kailan), go for tuition (for Syafiq who’s taking SPM next year), help out in the front garden, and so on. On top of that, Anas, who is waiting for his PMR result (and is in a real ‘honeymoon mode’), is to finish reading at least two books. Even Nadiah has her own small stack of books to read.

They still go to bed late. And they still wake up at 9.00 or 10.00am. But at least they get to do something worth over the holidays.

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KotaStar said...

Sdr Azizi,
I could not help saying a few things as regards to yr latest writeup. Your dad and I did not have that kind of issues as raised by you when we brought up our children.They knew what to do during the school break. One thing it is not a long break as now. Secondly TV yes, black and white in the earlier yrs and no entertainment programs as now. Again the programs were limited to certain times only. Certainly no astro and a 24 hrs viewing. Football? None. The children were eager readers. Comics and novels were their companions. You may remember how you yrself went through the holiday period. Time has change.Home and living too has changed. That's why parents now have more interesting avenues facing them. Just as you have reported. I must congratulate you for focusing and highlighting an issue that faces most parents now.You have put a good plan too.
Good luck.