Sunday, December 09, 2007

Liverpool whacked 3 - 1 !

Liverpool were knocked-out cold 3 -1 in last night's match against Reading. With that went the 14 games unbeaten run in the start to the season, leaving Arsenal to be the only team unbeaten so far.

But more than unbeaten runs is at stake here. A lost against a middle-rung team is something to be absolutely avoided if Liverpool is to really cement its credential as a title chaser this season.

I hope this will be just a small setback for Liverpool. After all didn't mighty Manchester United also lost to lowly Bolton recently?

All teams will undergo some lost of form. Well, at least I hope so. And I certainly hope Arsenal is in that group too -- sooner rather than later, I might add. If not, than it is going to be a hell of job to try and catch up with them come May next year.

From another angle, this lost might be a blessing in disguise. It might home in the point to the those ignorant American owners of the club that Rafa has a case when he says he wants to talk about the strengthening of the team as early as possible. They should learn to appreciate that Rafa is truly a strategist who thinks well ahead, and always for the goodness of the club on the pitch.

In the mean time, keep your chins up lads and continue with the fight. And of course, lets pray also that Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United will drop points, loads of them.

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