Saturday, February 04, 2012

"Jogging" in beautiful Putrajaya

This morning I went jogging in Putrajaya with my youngest, Nadiah. Just the two of us.

Nadiah had been nagging. You see, she had just got herself a pair of jogging shoes sometime back. But until today she had not got the opportunity to "test run" it. So, she had been nagging me and her Umi to go for a jog.

So we went jogging. But after such a long lay off from any form of exercise, I was not about to shock my body system with something stressful. So we just brisk-walked. No, in fact the walk wasn't even brisk. It was a santai walk, class 1.

We walked a little and we stopped to take in the waterfront scenery. We walked some more then we took pictures. We walked a bit more and we stopped to admire the flowers.

Ahh. This is the life.

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Anonymous said...

love the weeping bottle brush flower picture. :)