Saturday, March 05, 2011

First convocation for the family: Tahniah Sakinah

My eldest, Sakinah - or Keenat, as her friends would call her - had her convocation at the Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah last Monday.

Three years of toil and hard work has paid dividends and brought her a diploma in accountancy. On top of that, she was also awarded the Pingat Ketua Jabatan for her excellent result. That's my girl.

My heart pounded heavily as I got excited and mighty proud at the sight of my first baby striding forward to receive her scroll.

Tahniah my dear Keenat!!


Anonymous said...

thank you abah. thanx for all ur supports :)

-keenat :P


salam to the family,

Tahniah from Pak Srengenge.

Anonymous said...

tahniah kakak!! dats my sistaaa. :DD