Friday, February 18, 2011

Skyscrapers in Putrajaya

It has been fifteen years since construction first started in Putrajaya. For the first ten years, most developments have been for government office buildings and government residential quarters.

Over the last five years though, one is able to witness commercial office developments come on line. And this trend looks set to continue.

As the development of government buildings come to a tail end, and especially as the population size of the city continues to rise, the private sector has finally got Putrajaya on their radar.

This is surely a sign of the city maturing. For it is now capable of attracting private commercial investors big time. Well, almost.

I am sure that it won't be long before Putrajaya will be able to give KL a run for its money and boast its own beautiful, high-rise commercial buildings. When that happens, MNCs (multinational corporations) will be making a bee line towards eat your heart out KL.

For now, Putrajaya already has its first four skyscrapers - albeit in the form of government ministry buildings.


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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Incik Azizi, I was at KotaStar's pondok noticed your very nice Autumn leaf pic and busybody over.

I love Ipoh, stayed there wayyyy back in the early '70s, at Canning Gdns. Only for 2 years.

And used to churi poach for haruans at that Taman in town. At nights!
Incidentally, one time wayyy back Ipoh had this meaning, IPOH = Indian People's Only Hope, ha ha ha.

I guess Ipoh has changed a lot. My last visit there was in 2002.

Regret where I am we hardly get to see football, but when in England young days on a father's scholarship I was a Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter. Sometimes Tottenham Hotspurs.

You have a nice blog.
Have a great week, keep well. Best regards, Lee.