Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sakinah @ UUM

We've just got back from Sintok, up north in Kedah, to send Sakinah for registration at the Universiti Utara Malaysia.

That was one very tiring, back-breaking 1,000km plus journey that was. But seeing my eldest daughter progress further in her education, plus the opportunity of meeting up with old family friends, made the journey well worth it.

Sakinah aspires to be an accountant ever since she was in secondary school. With so many aunties and uncles as accountants, I guess it was only natural that at least one of my children eventually gets hooked.

Sakinah already has her diploma. This stint in Sintok will earn her a degree insyaAllah.

All the best my dear. Go for it!

In Sintok we put up for the night at Azam and Fishah's place. Azam and Fishah are very close friends from our Tsukuba days in Japan. Those days there were just the two of them - no kids yet. But thirteen years later, they have caught up with us and have four of their own.

After such a long time, it was nice to see them again and see how their family have grown.

Thank you for receiving us Azam and Fishah, and many thanks for all your help.


KotaStar said...

Taniah to both of you and of course to Sakinah. You must come again to Alor Star and this time make sure that we will meet and of course yr would be accountant daughter must come along.


Anonymous said...