Monday, January 03, 2011

Off to school

Today my youngest, Nadiah, the baby of the family, starts her secondary schooling.

All the best Nadiah, work smart and enjoy secondary shcool.

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duniaku said...

ok abh!

duniaku said...

ok abh!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Incik Azizi, was at KotaStar's place noticed your beautiful blog logo....and busybody over.
You have a adorable daughter.
Wishing her all the best in her studies.

Noticed you a town planner?
Good for you, incik.

I used to live in Ipoh back in the early '70s, at Canning gardens, but only for about dua tahun.
Regret bahasa saya sebelum Merdeka, ha ha.
I love Ipoh with its beautiful limestone hills and cool weather.

I guess Ipoh must have changed a lot today too.
Have not been back since 2002.
Wishing you and family a very happy new year, keep well, best regards, Lee.
ps, this a joke old days in the 60s and '70s, IPOH stands for, 'Indian People's Only Hope', ha ha.